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My Mission is simple:

To Touch Peoples Lives
with My Words, and to
Serve Hugs on a Platter
and Tears in a Teacup
Alaurilee: Rhymes of a Random Soul Autobiographical Poetry Book
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Alaurilee Productions (c) 2011

Alaurilee: Rhymes of a Random Soul (From the back of the book)
Poet Lauri Halterman uses her poetry to make you think about everyday occurrences in a different light. Growing up in a small town in northern New Mexico, her poetry created a magical escape, but more importantly brought a smile or a tear to her loved ones. Now residing at the base of the Smokey Mountains, the forest fairies have forever touched her soul.

Lauri spent most of her adult years performing customer service and accounting duties in the automotive industry . . . first at dealerships, then in auto finance.

After losing her father in 2009, she started working on making her dream come true by
publishing this, her first book of poetry. She took a leap of faith and quit her day job in early 2010, to focus on her writing and to be available to assist her Father-in-law with her Mother-in-law who has had Multiple Sclerosis for the past 50 years.

Lauri loves reaching out to others and is a huge supporter of those struggling with life threatening illnesses. She has personally been touched by her husband’s struggles with the pain of Chronic Crohn’s Disease. Having several friends and family members touched by cancer, she is inspired by those in the fight of their lives. To show her support, she has walked in the ‘Buddy’s Race for the Cure’ for the past 3 years and participated in the inaugural Cards4Cancer project in April, 2010; writing a special poem for cancer fighters and organized the making of 200 cards for a local Cancer Center.

As a wife, mother, and Mamaw to her adorable grandchildren, she is a lover of smiles, hugs and ladybugs. She cherishes her family, her friends and every blessed moment life grants her.

Alaurilee is the name of Lauri's muse and a nickname her father called her. Read this poetic, autobiographical journey spanning almost 30 years of her life. Her poetry has touched the lifes of even those who do not normally enjoy poetry.

Read Below . . .excerpts from 2 of her poems . . .
Guaranteed on this journey
are teacups of tears;
and pains that might hurt us
may age us by years.

But the beauty of life;
love, laughter and giving;
come from serving hugs on a platter
each and every day we’re living.
Don’t define how life should be
then live each day accordingly.
From the spirit and the soul,
in your heart, you will know.

Live by both sides of the coin,
for to exist they both must join.
Walk each day in other’s shoes
as everybody pays their dues.
ISBN: 978-088144-524-4

Binding: Paperback

Trim: 5.5 ” X 8.5 ”

Pages: 172

Price: $14.99 + s/h
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TENN, USA only
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“Your words quietly dance past my hard-shell exterior right to the part of my heart that still believes in love . . . and I like it!”

                                  Lisa Barfield ~ Austin, TX
Banner courtesy of @MadMan459
Alaurilee: Rhymes of a Random Soul (Poetry Book)
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